Mercury Outboard Motors: Supercharged and Built for Performance at Xtreme Marine

Mercury Outboard Motors: Supercharged and Built for Performance

The average horsepower of outboard motors sold today is 116 hp. Mercury outboard motors offer some of the top-performing engines at this horsepower. If you’re looking to buy a new boat or replace the motor on your current boat, you can’t go wrong with a Mercury.

With an extensive legacy of innovation and performance, Mercury outboard motors have the ideal combination of supercharged performance and efficient operation.

Read this guide and learn why you should choose a Mercury outboard motor for your boat.

Mercury Outboard motor

Who Are Mercury Outboard Motors?

For over 80 years, Mercury Marine has delivered performance outboard motors through a dedication to excellence and innovation. In World War II, it supplied lightweight yet powerful engines to the Army for chainsaws.

In the 1950s, the company set a world record with two stock Mark 75s. On a lake in Florida, the engines ran for 50,000 miles at 30.3 mph non-stop for 68 days. They only stopped for driver changes and routine maintenance. After setting the record, the engines were torn down and inspected for wear.

They both showed that they were well within the factory tolerances. Those record-setting runs haven’t been beaten to this day.

Today, Mercury outboard motors are the first choice for serious boating enthusiasts. They have outboard motors that range from 2.5 to 450 horsepower, so you’re sure to find the perfect sized motor for your boat.

Mercury Racing 

One reason Mercury outboard motors perform so well is because of the Mercury Racing program. When it comes to boat racing, Mercury is a powerhouse with a reputation for expertly producing powerful supercharged engines.

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In early 2019 Mercury Racing unveiled the 450R V8 outboard motor with a supercharged system. Mercury claims that this motor adds 40% more torque and 50 more horsepower than the 400R. It only adds 21 pounds of weight.

While most of us aren’t looking to spend $54,000 to $64,000 on a high-performance racing motor, we can take advantage of the innovations learned from this development. Mercury engineers take what they learn about supercharged performance and apply it to their other motors.

Comprehensive Warranty 

While almost all outboard motors come with a standard warranty, Mercury owners enjoy a clear and easy to understand policy chart. Their plans typically last three years, but there are extended warranties available that extend coverage to eight years.

Easy Regular Maintenance 

With regular maintenance, your Mercury will last for years and thousands of miles. Mercury recently partnered with Dealer Spike. This will make it easy for owners to work with their Mercury dealership for regular maintenance.

Dealers will be able to access world-class digital tools and the latest digital imagery of products. The system fully integrates each dealer into an entire network. This opens communication and service to provide a massive database of knowledge and service to owners.

Impressive Horsepower 

We would all love to have the biggest and fastest motor on the market, but not every boat needs a 450 hp outboard engine. Mercury creates several lines of engines that allows owners to tailor their engine to match their boat perfectly.

Small fishing boats benefit from 10-20 horsepower. Medium-sized boats work well with 20-35 horsepower.

Pontoon boats need more because of the amount of weight you’ll move. Look in the 100+ hp range.

Offshore and cabin boats need the most amount of power due to their use and size. Look for outboard motors in the 150 to 300 horsepower range.  This should be powerful enough to move your boat at 60 mph.

Plentiful Features and Accessories 

There are small touches that make using and working on your Mercury outboard motor easier. Look for a door in the top cowl for easier oil checks. Then there’s cowling to dampen the sound and make operation quieter.

There’s an extensive line of accessories available for purchase. It’s easy to confirm compatibility by looking up your motor’s serial number. There’s a wide range of products available, including lubricants, rigging accessories, paint, and fuel care.


The OptiMax outboard motor line uses direct fuel injection to ensure efficiency, reliability, and ease of use. The 200 to 250 horsepower these motors come in will provide you with plenty of acceleration.

These motors feature the Mercury-exclusive two-stage Direct Fuel Injection (DFI). This feature makes these motors agile and responsive, so you have precise handling at any speed.


The Verado line boasts the top of the line horsepower and performance that delivers some of the most powerful engines on the market. Outboard motors come in the range of 175 to 350 horsepower.

But you get more than just a powerful engine. These motors feature quiet operation, a low amount of vibration, and impressive fuel efficiency.

Pro XS

The Pro XS line offers impressive performance for its price. This makes them an excellent value for any boat owner. The motors in this line range from 115 to 250 hp.

When compared to other comparable motors offered by competitors, the Pro XS motors have higher top speeds. This gives you speed, Mercury reliability, and wallet-friendly fuel efficiency.


For those looking for lower horsepower, the FourStroke line is the answer. Outboard motors range from 2.5 to 150 hp. These engines are known for being compact and lightweight. But this doesn’t detract from their performance.

These engines may be smaller, but they provide the same reliability and performance that you can expect from Mercury motors.

If you’re ready to start comparing Mercury outboard motors to find the perfect motor for your boat, it helps to speak with your local Mercury dealership. They can provide you with expert advice based on their research and experience.

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