Advantages of Buying a Boat from a Dealership at Xtreme Marine

Advantages of Buying a Boat from a Dealership

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Are you interested in buying a used boat but don’t want to put a big dent in your budget? Rather than heading to the local classifieds or auction website thinking you’ll get a great deal, know that buying a boat at a dealership will give you the safest and easiest buying experience.

When you buy from a random seller, you never know if you’re getting the right price or even if the boat functions as it should. You also have limitations when it comes to getting help or financing for your dream boat. But you won’t have to stress over any of this who you choose a dealer.

So, what can you gain from buying from our boat dealership in London? Read on to learn why this is the way to go!

  1. Safe Buying Experience

Browsing boats for sale through private individuals online or locally comes with a lot of risks compared to buying through a trustworthy dealership.

If you buy online from a stranger, you could become a victim of an online shopping scam and never even get the boat you purchased. The seller might not even disclose any problems the boat has and sell you a defective boat for an unfair price.

When you purchase used boats through us, you get the reassurance that we won’t sell you a defective boat or take your money and run like an untrustworthy individual could. We test our boats and disclose problems so that you get an honest evaluation of a boat’s condition before handing over your money. We guarantee you’ll have a 100 percent safe buying experience from us!

  1. Fair Pricing and Great Savings

When you buy from a private individual rather than a boat dealership, you might end up paying too much. While some may just scam you, even an honest individual might not know exactly how to price a boat fairly. However, our boat dealership understands how boat pricing works and will give you a fair price based on the boat’s age and condition.

We also go a step beyond to find special offers that can provide you with extra savings. You can take advantage of manufacturer discounts, seasonal savings events, and even special gifts to get your boat for a better price. We can potentially help you save thousands of dollars!

And if you have an old boat you want to trade-in, we can help you get a good trade-in deal and put that money toward your new purchase. You won’t have to worry about the hassle of selling it yourself.

  1. Wide Selection of Boats

Buying from individual sellers means the selection you can choose from can be hit or miss. This can mean you won’t be able to find the brand or boat type you need, or you might have to keep waiting and searching.

Our boat dealership offers leading brands such as Crestliner, Legend Boats, Harris Pontoon, Thunder Jet, and Mercury. We also provide a large inventory of bowriders, fishing boats, pontoons, full windshield boats, side console boats, and center console boats for you to choose from. This gives the convenience of not having to travel around town to look at used boats from different sellers.

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  1. Customer Service Expertise

When you buy from an individual, that person may not have much expertise in the boating industry or take the time to help you make an informed decision. After all, they probably just want to get rid of the boat as easily as possible.

We, however, understand that you need a boat that fits your preferences and budget. So, we will give you the time needed to answer any questions you have and show you boats that might work for you. We’re as excited about your new boat as you are and want to see you satisfied!

  1. Flexible Financing Options

When you buy from an individual, you’ll often need to pay cash for your boat. If you can’t afford that, your only other option may be to borrow money from someone you know.

Xtreme Marine London understands that you’ll often need flexible financing to buy your dream boat. So, we work with banks to offer financing options that have easy applications and can be customized to fit your needs.

Our financing doesn’t require you to have any collateral and doesn’t have any penalties if you decide to pay off your boat sooner. We also offer plans with appealing interest rates and can help you get a comfortable payment amount. We also know about special financing programs that manufacturers may offer.

Our experts will walk you through the process of deciding the right financing plan for you. You can complete your credit application online and estimate your monthly loan payment from the comfort of your home.

  1. Ongoing Service Options

When you buy a boat from an individual in London, you’ll have the hassle of needing to find a place to take your boat for repairs. If you have questions about your new boat, you may also be out of luck since the individual seller might not offer you any support.

Buying a boat from our London boat dealership gets rid of that hassle since we offer a full-service shop. If you have any issue with a boat we have sold you, you can simply call or email to schedule an appointment. We can handle everything from the initial diagnosis to getting parts and performing repairs.

You can also come to us whenever your boat needs regular maintenance or accessories. When winter comes around, we’re also happy to discuss options for storing your boat safely until you’re ready to hit the water again.

Consider Buying a Boat from Our London Boat Dealership

Are you now wondering, “Where can I find boats for sale near me in London at a dealership?” Then go ahead and search our inventory on our website! We get new boats in all the time, so you’re sure to find one that grabs your attention.

Whether you’re seeking your first basic fishing boat or a more luxurious pontoon, our experts can help you find the perfect boat for you. We are also here to answer any questions and provide ongoing support after you make your purchase through us.

If you have any questions about buying a boat from us, reach out to our dealership today.


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