Buying a Boat: Still a Breeze Without Boat Shows at Xtreme Marine

Buying a Boat: Still a Breeze Without Boat Shows

Whether it’s your first pleasure craft, or you’re ready to upgrade, nothing beats the feeling of buying a boat. For many boat enthusiasts, the excitement builds when they visit boat shows to look at available models and options, learn about different boat styles and accessories, and get to view the vessels first-hand, up close and personal. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most boat shows have been cancelled. But that doesn’t mean that boat buyers can’t get the boat show experience. In fact, with the help of the professionals at Xtreme Marine, buying a boat is an easy, enjoyable, and exciting experience.

What is a Boat Show?

A boat show is an exhibition where various boat manufacturers and vendors come together to show off all they have to offer, including boats and accessories. Boat shows appeal to everyone, from season boaters to first-time buyers. While it may seem unlikely that you’ll be able to get the boat show experience in the absence of a boat show, Xtreme Marine always goes the extra knot to give you a genuine sales experience full of excitement and free from the stress of high-pressure tactics.

How Xtreme Marine Recreates the Boat Show Experience

Large boat shows simply are not responsible given the current climate, and we want to keep our clients safe and healthy. To recreate the boat show experience, we made a list of boat show benefits and then committed to recreating them. When you shop with Xtreme Marine, you’ll get:

A chance to look at different styles and models in person
The opportunity to talk boats, ask questions, or trade stories
See accessories and learn about upgrades
To choose the boat of your dreams with a budget you can afford
Meet enthusiasts like yourself, who will share in your excitement

Check Out Our Boats

Start by visiting us online to see our inventory of new and used boats. We specialize in aluminum fishing/ski boats and pontoons! If you’re looking to upgrade, you probably have an idea of what you want, but if you’re new to boat ownership, don’t worry. Xtreme Marine welcomes appointments to discuss your boating needs and goals. We’ll recommend a few styles, and we can show you what we’ve got in stock.

Xtreme Marine’s website shows the types of boats we carry and what we have in stock. Each item in stock has accompanying photos and descriptions. If there’s not enough there for you to get a feel for what you’re looking at, contact us. We’ll welcome you to our showroom where we will help you understand the various models and the benefits of owning each type. We’ll listen to your needs and make a recommendation that fits your needs and budget.

Let’s Talk Boats

One of the best things about boat shows is talking about all things boats! Everyone there knows a whole lot about boating and they’re all pretty passionate captains, and they’re usually pretty happy to let you ask questions. Your experience at Xtreme Marine will be no different. We’re all about the boating lifestyle, and we’re happy to chat about boats, answer general inquiries, or tackle the tough questions when you’re trying to narrow down your choice. We’ve recreated the boat show magic by making ourselves available for questions and conversations through email, the phone, or in-person during an appointment.

Looking for Upgrades and Accessories

Boat shows always showcase the latest and greatest in gadgets and accessories. To recreate that experience for you, Xtreme Marine has a full catalogue featuring boating and fishing accessories. Not sure about a product? We’re here to answer questions or help you place your order.

Talking Budget

A boat show is a great resource for getting an understanding of the costs involved with boat ownership. You’d be able to see models for sale at various price points and chat with insurance vendors, storage suppliers, parts and service vendors, and more. Xtreme Marine can help you recreate that aspect of boast shows by discussing the budget and helping you set and stick to one that keeps everyone comfortable through the sales process. Additionally, the staff at Xtreme Marine is very knowledgeable on what other costs come with buying a boat and can offer advice and recommendations. We make sure there are no surprises, and we offer a variety of financing options.

Meeting Other Boat Enthusiasts

Xtreme Marine is a family-run business, and we’re in the boat business because we love boats and the boating lifestyle. We are also passionate about helping people find the boat that’s going to take them on great adventures and create happy memories that last a lifetime. When you purchase from Xtreme Marine you’ll be purchasing from an enthusiast like yourself. And when it comes to your seaworthy purchase, we promise you that we’re just as excited as you.

Boat shows are a lot of fun and they have many benefits. Xtreme Marine is looking forward to attending them again when it’s safe to do so, and safe for our clients to join us there. Until then, we’re going to do all we can to recreate the boat show experience for all of our customers. Contact us today to learn more or visit us online to see what we have in stock. Xtreme Marine is committed to making your boat-buying experience fulfilling and fun.


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