Go Fishing! Fishing Boat Trips 2021 at Xtreme Marine

Go Fishing! Fishing Boat Trips 2021

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Boating and fishing season is in full swing. Grab your pole, your reel, and your tackle box, and pack your cooler full of your favourite beverage – because we’re going fishing!

Where to Go

While it’s always a blast to cast your rod around your home marina, there are plenty of great fishing destinations in Ontario you can check out this year. If you aren’t sure where to go, or you can’t decide between a lake, river, or bay destination, we can help! Our team of enthusiasts has been fishing and boating for years, and we know tons of great destinations for your fishing boat trip in 2021.

Lake Fishing Destinations

Lake Ontario – Fresh Water
Lake Ontario is the smallest of the Great Lakes, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make a big catch! Lake Ontario is chock-full of trophy fish and is known for its outstanding salmon fishing.

Lake Temiskaming – Fresh Water
This lake is deep! It’s located on the Ontario-Quebec border and is one of the deepest lakes in Ontario. This lake has it all:

• Perch
• Small-mouth bass
• Walleye
• Northern pike
• Lake trout

Lake Temiskaming is perfect for boat fishing, thanks to its size, depth, and variety of fish.

Lake St. Clair – Fresh Water
If it’s muskie you’re after, you have to do a boat fishing trip to Lake St. Clair, located between Ontario and Michigan’s borders. It’s known as muskie central! Sport fishing is immensely popular on this lake, and there is enough muskie to go around!

Lake Nipigon – Fresh Water
Want to fish on the biggest lake in Ontario? That’s Lake Nipigon. I know you might be thinking, what about the Great Lakes? Well, Lake Nipigon is the biggest lake that lies entirely within Ontario’s borders. What else is great about Lake Nipigon? It’s the lake where the record-breaking 14.5lb brook trout was caught. Do you know what that means? You could catch the brook trout that shatters that record! Not into breaking records? Lake Nipigon also has:

• Whitefish
• Walleye
• Lake trout
• Pike

Lake Nipissing – Fresh Water
Lake Nipissing is big, but don’t be fooled. It’s quite shallow. The shallow depth means that you’re going to need to adjust your speed for safe navigation, especially while you learn your way around. The shallower waters also mean you’re going to encounter lots of whitefish, walleye, bass, and pike.

River Fishing Destinations

Niagara River – Fresh Water
A fishing boat trip down the Niagara River will yield some really interesting catches. If you’re looking for salmon, steelhead, and sturgeon, you’ll want to head to the section of the river between the Devil’s Hole and the Niagara Bar.

Mattawa River – Fresh Water
The Mattawa River is nice because it provides boaters with some variety. While we know it’s always fun to spend the day on your craft, sometimes fishers like to go back to their roots and do some paddling – the Mattawa is perfect for both. This gem runs along the Quebec border between North Bay and Mattawa and boasts extremely impressive large-mouth bass, along with small-mouth bass, muskie, pike, and lake trout. There’s no shortage of good sport on the Mattawa River.

French River – Fresh Water
The French River starts at Lake Nipissing. Fishing there will yield walleye, small-mouth bass, and northern pike. While the fishing is amazing, the real appeal of the French River is the scenery. It’s simply breathtaking. The river winds through the Canadian Shield rock face, creating an idyllic wilderness experience.

Bay Fishing Destinations

Bay of Quinte – Fresh Water
The Bay of Quinte is shaped like the letter Z and is situated on the northern shore of Lake Ontario. It boasts lots of pickerel, salmon, pike, and trout, but the real attraction is the walleye. The Bay of Quinte isn’t nicknamed the walleye capital of the world for no reason. It’s not only known for its robust walleye population, but also for being a great place to capture trophy-sized catches.

Georgian Bay – Fresh Water
Georgian Bay is BIG! That means there is no shortage of fish, space, and open water. Georgian Bay is nestled in over 2000 km of shoreline and features thousands of islands and inlets. Couple the sheer size with the excellent water quality and you’ve got yourself the perfect destination for a fishing boat trip in 2021.

Whether you choose a lake, river, bay – or plan to visit a variety of waterways this year, Xtreme Marine can help you make this the best season yet, with a boat that’s reliable and ready to take you where you want to go. The best way to guarantee your boat is sea-ready and prepared to big home your catch of the day is to ensure that you have it serviced. That’s where Xtreme Marine comes in. We offer a full-service menu, including parts and maintenance, and we guarantee all of our work. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll help you order it from our online catalogue.

Don’t delay. Book your boat service to prepare for your next fishing boat trip! Contact us today.


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