Know Your Fishing Boats at Xtreme Marine

Know Your Fishing Boats

Know Your Fishing Boats

Congratulations! You’re considering buying a boat. Now what?

Usually, when someone is interested in buying a boat, they do some research to determine the boat type that’s going to fit their lifestyle, satisfy their needs, and help them meet their goals. What are your boating goals? Are you looking for a smooth-sailing pleasure-craft, something speedy, or the best boat for making those big catches? Regardless, Xtreme Marine has you covered! We are your number one research resource when it comes to determining which boat type is right for you.

Boats by Group

There are many types of boats out there, and for each type, thousands of models. Each type and model offers various benefits and features. But boats are definitely not “one boat fits all” crafts. Some boats are specifically designed for recreational fishing, boats that are used for sport, and boats that are multi-use. Before you start making decisions about brands, makes, and models, consider which type of boat will best suit your needs. Below, we list the benefits and uses of boats from three primary groups:

• Multi-species Fishing Boats
• Fish and Ski Boats
• Boats with Trolling Capabilities

Multi-species Fishing Boats

There are some fishers out there who consider themselves a very specific connoisseur of a specific species of fish. For example, some fishers are only interested in catching bass, and others are out for walleye. These fishers may have very specialized crafts that are designed to make catching that one very special kind of fish easier. However, if you’re more interested in the thrill of the catch over the type of fish, a multi-species boat might be right for you. A multi-species craft will not limit you to one type of fish.

Multi-species boats are available in a variety of sizes and constructed from a selection of materials from fibreglass to aluminum. Variety is a benefit to owning a multi-species boat. When you aren’t looking for models narrowly defined by their effectiveness for singular-species fishing, your options expand exponentially. Boats made for fishing for specific fish are very effective, but also very limiting if you ever hope to try for another catch of the day.

If your boating goals include the below, consider a multi-species fishing boat.

• Having the ability to fish for a variety of species
• Not being constrained to specific water depths
• Having comfortable seating capacity for pleasure cruising
• Customizing your craft with various rod holders for catching different kinds of fish
• Having a wide variety of options on make model, size, and construction
• Being able to store large amounts of equipment for quick switches between rods, baits, and tackle without having to dock

Fish & Ski Boats

Fish and ski boats are awesome. They’re a true all-in-one that allows you to have fun on the water, whether it’s waterskiing, tubing, or a day spent casting and reeling. Until the fish and ski boat hit the market, options were limited. Your choices included either trying to ski or tube using a fishing boat or trying to turn a sport boat into a fishing vessel. When it came down to it, using a fishing boat for sport resulted in an okay experience, but trying to fish from a sport boat was next to impossible. After all, sport boats weren’t designed with fishing in mind, so there’s no storage for gear, no rod holds (or any viable area to affix rod holders), and little consideration for safety because there’s nowhere to anchor the ski line. With fish and ski boats, you get the best of both worlds. The boats are designed with safety, sport, and fishing in mind.

If your boating goals include the below, consider a fish and ski boat:

• Having the ability to fish for a variety of species
• Having the ability to use the boat for sport and water recreation
• Being able to seat the family comfortably and safely while out on the water
• Having the ability to store fishing and sport gear
• Knowing that the craft is safe for use as a sport boat or a fishing vessel

Trolling Boats

Trollers are engine-powered fishing boats used for moving slowly while fishing lines drag behind the vessel. They’re rigged with auxiliary kicker motors, allowing them to achieve optimal slow trolling speeds. Trollers have more of a deep splash well and gunnel, making them safe and sturdy on rough waters. Trolling is generally the best method for catching salmon and pickerel.

If your boating goals include the below, consider a trolling boat:

• More cockpit space
• Catching a fish that you can eat for supper, such as salmon or pickerel
• Having the ability to cast multiple trolling lines
• Wanting a craft designed specifically for trolling
• Being able to travel at slow speeds for trolling
• Not being concerned with using the boat for recreational sports

We’ll Have You Catching Giants in No Time

Buying a boat is a big decision! Let us help. At Xtreme Marine, we’re here to support you every step of the way and help you make the decision that’s going to help you get the most from your boating experience. Not sure any of the boat types listed above describe your boating goals? Fish and ski, multi-species, and trollers aren’t the only boats we have in stock. Xtreme Marine also has pontoons, bowriders, day cruisers, and more!

Contact us today to learn more or visit us online to see what we have in stock. Xtreme Marine is committed to making your boat-buying experience fulfilling and fun.


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