Larson Boats

Over A Century of Innovation

Paul Larson built his first boat in 1913 and his attention to detail hasn’t changed. When your new Larson comes fresh off the line, you not only become a member of the greatest heritage in boating, you enjoy the promise of long-lasting tradition and unmatched value that can only come from America’s hardest-working boat brand. Larson is an industry leader because his passion has been passed down to today’s generation of Larson boat builders.

Larson – For Water Lovers

Larson has pioneered nearly every facent of boat design and construction since the company’s first gas powered outboard models were introduced in the early 1920’s. Today’s Larson Boats are a product of an R&D process over 100 years in the making. They are built with performance, safety and family enjoyment in mind. More than anything, we build each boat notjust to meet your standards, but the standards set by Paul Larson over 100 years ago. We invite you to discover the past, present and future of Larson Boats and make our tradition yours






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