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Mercury OptiMax 3.0L 200-250 hp

Mercury OptiMax 3.0L 200-250 hp

OptiMax engines are some of the most fuel-efficient engines on the water. Two-stage direct injection turns fuel into propulsion fast and efficiently. More distance per drop. More money for crankbaits. More time fishing instead of gassing up. Direct injection strikes again.

Speed isn’t everything – but it’s a really good place to start.

From its lightweight design to its outstanding top speed, it’s a reputation built on performance. But there’s a whole lot more to the story. The lightning fast throttle response, the legendary reliability, the fuel savings, the low noise and emissions. OptiMax engine. Another word for everything.

Engine type V-6 | Displacement (L) 3.0 | Full throttle RPM 5500-6000 | Steering Big Tiller Compatible, Dual cable mechanical, Hydraulic power steering | Dry weight *Lightest model available 505 lbs / 229 kg

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