Owning Your First Pontoon Boat at Xtreme Marine

Owning Your First Pontoon Boat

Owning Your First Pontoon Boathttps://www.xtrememarinelondon.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/189198717_10159542622779885_7200222463309836808_n.jpghttps://www.xtrememarinelondon.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/189198717_10159542622779885_7200222463309836808_n.jpg

Whether you’re a boating beginner or an experienced sea captain, owning a pontoon boat is the best way to experience the best in versatility, function, and fun.


What is a Pontoon Boat?


Pontoon boats are family-friendly recreational watercrafts. These flat boats are easily identifiable by their size and shape, and also by the pontoons. Pontoons are the long, hollow, air-tight tubes beneath the pontoon boat’s flat bottom. They provide buoyancy. Although the pontoon boat looks as though it wouldn’t handle well in choppy water, they’re actually well-equipped for rough seas. Provided the pontoon boat’s motor has enough horsepower, they can also achieve speeds high enough to support watersports. Cornering may not be tight in a pontoon, but overall, they handle easily and well, making them a great option for beginners.


Why Pontoons?


Pontoon boats are a great option for those looking for a craft that can do it all. There are many advantages to choosing a pontoon boat, including safety and versatility. They’re also very easy to handle and beginner-friendly, making them an excellent choice for any boat owner, whether it’s your first boat or your next boat.


Pontoons are great for families or individuals looking to host a lot of passengers. Depending on the size, pontoons can carry between eight and fifteen people safely and comfortably. For families with little ones, pontoons are an excellent starter craft to help kids develop their sea legs. The flat bottom, rails, and steady cruising mean that young ones are safe and secure on board. Plus, pontoons offer tons of storage space, so there’s plenty of room to keep lifejackets and other personal flotation devices on boards for when you have children or visitors aboard.


Pontoons boats are quite versatile. You can get a variety of sizes depending on the number of passengers you expect to have, different engine horsepower depending on how fast you want to go and how often you expect to use the boat for watersports, and endless options for upgrades and customized layouts. Even if you shop used, you’ll find that no two pontoons are quite the same.


Pontoons Versus Tri-toons


Pontoon boats are identifiable by the two pontoons that keep the craft afloat. The diameter and shape do sometimes vary in order to improve performance, but the two pontoons are a trademark of the pontoon boat style. Until that is, a third tube was added to the centre of the craft bottom to create what is known as the tri-toon.


As with any upgrade, tri-toons do come at a cost. The additional building material and power increase the overall cost of purchasing and maintaining a tri-toon boat. However, tri-toons handle better, corner more smoothly, and have the capacity for higher horsepower engines, meaning that they’re built to go faster and handle better than pontoons.


Choose a pontoon boat if:


  • You want to spend your days cruising on the water
  • You’re going to do a lot of sunbathing on deck or stationary swimming off the boat
  • You don’t plan to tow skiers or tubers very often
  • Your vision of boating includes picnics on the lake, fishing, and viewing sunsets
  • Choppy waters don’t entice you to head out
  • You have a young family and want a safe boat for your children to enjoy
  • You stick to small lakes and rivers


Choose a tri-toon if:


  • You’re going to tow a lot of skiers and tubers
  • You want a top speed of over 40 mph
  • You’re thinking about getting a big craft
  • Choppy waters call your name
  • You want all of the speed and stability without sacrificing handling ability
  • You boat on large open bodies of water


It’s All About That Horsepower


The more horsepower your pontoon boat has, the faster it will go, regardless of whether it’s a pontoon or tri-toon. But remember that more horsepower correlates to more cost, so you’ll want to consider the size of the engine and how much horsepower you’ll need when you’re planning your budget. Larger tri-toons can be outfitted with two or three outboard motors, increasing the power and speed capability over a two-tube pontoon boat.


Make It Your Own


Pontoons are one of the most versatile boat types out there. They’re available with a wide variety of floor plans and seating configurations. There are many other options you may want to consider adding to your pontoon boat, such as:


  • Various stowage options, containers, and coolers
  • Benches
  • Tables
  • Customizable captain’s chairs
  • Chrome accents
  • Swim platforms and ladders
  • Convertible seating areas
  • Floor plans conducive to fishing, entertaining, or both
  • Cup holders
  • Horsepower upgrades
  • Privacy curtains for quick changes between swim gear and dry land attire
  • Bimini tops intended to provide shade while at sea
  • And more!


Owning a Pontoon Boat: Tips & Tricks


Owning a pontoon is fun, and it ought to be! After all, you bought it so that you could use it for recreation. Make your pontoon owning experience a great one by following these tips:


  • Register your boat if necessary, and ensure you have all licensing required for ownership and operation
  • Have a plan in place for winter storage
  • Know where you’re going to dock the boat this summer, or if you’re going to trailer the boat each time, be sure you have the appropriate tools and vehicle for the job
  • Get the required safety gear, such as life jackets
  • Don’t forget to keep up on your boat’s regular maintenance schedule, and when in doubt, trust the service professionals at Xtreme Marine
  • Have fun and make the most of your pontoon boat-ownership experience


Buying a boat is a big decision Let us help. At Xtreme Marine, we’re here to support you every step of the way and help you make the decision that’s going to help you get the most from your pontoon boat ownership experience.


Still not sure a pontoon boat is right for you? Contact us today to learn more or visit us online to see what we have in stock. Xtreme Marine is committed to making your boat-buying experience fulfilling and fun.


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