There’s a Boat that’s Right for Everyone! Check Out the Top Five Most Popular Boat Styles! at Xtreme Marine

There’s a Boat that’s Right for Everyone! Check Out the Top Five Most Popular Boat Styles!

There’s a Boat that’s Right for Everyone! Check Out the Top Five Most Popular Boat Styles!

A boat is a boat is a boat? Right? Wrong! Boat aficionados among us know that there’s far more to a boat than the fact that it floats – although floating is a requirement!

The boat that’s right for YOU needs to:

  • Fit your lifestyle
  • Satisfy your boating needs
  • Have the ideal look, function, and speed
  • Provide the best bang for your buck
  • Align with your hobbies
  • Fit your whole crew – be they friends, family members, little ones, or furry friends!

New to boats or boating? Are you wondering what different types of boats are out there? Check out the top five most popular boat types!


Top Five Most Popular Boat Styles – Which One Speaks to You?

There are many types of boats out there, and for each type, thousands of models. Boats are not “one boat fits all.” Before you decide, consider the various types of boats available and compare them against your needs. Need help? Come see the experts at Xtreme Marine, or visit us on the web.



Do you feel the need? The need for speed? You’re in luck – bowriders are easily recognizable by the V-shape front bow. It’s that feature that allows the bowrider to achieve greater speed than deck boats and cut through choppier waters.  They are also great for day-cruising and having fun out on the water.

Customize your bowrider experience by choosing from a variety of sizes – from a sleek 16 ft to a grandiose 38-footer. Note that the most popular bowriders are those under 21 feet – that way you’ll get all the fun without sacrificing speed.

Consider a bowrider if you want:

  • Speed!
  • Day-cruising
  • Being able to host friends and family aboard
  • Having a blast waterskiing, wakeboarding, and tubing
  • Access to a wide variety of options on make model, size, and construction
  • Fishing – that’s right!

Most bowriders can be equipped with trolling motors, rod holders, and even seats that convert to fishing chairs!

Curious? Look at our current bowrider inventory



Pontoon boats are family-friendly recreational watercrafts. These boats feature flat bottoms atop pontoons. Pontoons are hollow, air-tight tubes that provide buoyancy. Although the pontoon boat looks as though it wouldn’t handle well in choppy water, they’re well-equipped for rough seas and with enough horsepower, they can achieve speeds high enough to support watersports.

Choose a pontoon boat if:

  • You want to spend your days cruising on the water
  • You’re going to do a lot of sunbathing on deck or stationary swimming off the boat
  • You don’t plan to tow skiers or tubers very often
  • Your vision of boating includes picnics on the lake, fishing, and viewing sunsets
  • Choppy waters don’t entice you to head out
  • You have a young family and want a safe boat for your children to enjoy
  • You stick to small lakes and rivers
  • You want to do some… you guessed it! Fishing!

Pontoons are versatile! The floor plan is conducive to fishing, hosting, or both! The flat bottom, rails, and steady cruising are great safety features for helping little ones get their sea legs, too!

Want tips on owning a Pontoon Boat? Read More here!


Fish & Ski Boats

Fish and ski boats are awesome. They’re a true all-in-one that allows you to have fun on the water. With fish and ski boats, you get the best of both worlds. The boats are designed with safety, sport, and fishing in mind.

If your boating dreams include the below, consider a fish and ski boat:

  • Having the ability to fish for a variety of species
  • Having the ability to use the boat for sport and water recreation
  • Being able to seat the family comfortably and safely while out on the water
  • Having the ability to store fishing and sports gear
  • Knowing that the craft is safe for use as a sport boat or a fishing vessel


Jet Boats

 Have you ever seen a jet ski spraying water out the back? Pretty neat, right? Jet boats do the same thing. The jet boat is propelled by the jet of water that sprays from the back of the craft. These boats do not use external propellers that are submerged in the water below or behind the boat. Instead, they rely on the water and an internal pump-jet (that’s what sprays the water) as a means of propulsion across the water.

Choose a jet boat if:

  • Planing speed is your speed (travelling fast enough for lift, like a jet ski)
  • You’d like to do some fishing, some pleasure-boating, and maybe have an adventure! (This type of boat is very popular in adventure tourism)
  • You’re seeking a smaller craft that can be easily pulled or towed
  • You are comfortable running the engine for the duration of use to steer (you can’t steer a jet boat if the engine isn’t running)
  • You are a friend to the environment

Not only are jet boats fun, but they’re environmentally friendly. The lack of submerged propellor is safer for marine life and people.

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Outboards and Inboards


Okay, you got us – outboards and inboards aren’t really boat types – they’re engine types. However, it is still important to know about each type, because when you look for the boat that screams YOU, that’s going to include an outboard or inboard engine.

What’s the difference? Mainly, the placement. Inboard engines are contained within the boat’s body, where outboards are entirely visible. Inboard is inside the boat, and outboard is outside.

Consider an inboard if:

  • You want an awesome swim platform
  • You want a car-like driving experience
  • Peace and quiet are important
  • Resale value is a concern
  • You aren’t too worried about losing some space in the boat

Outboards are great if you:

  • Boat in shallow water and want to lift the engine out
  • Want to maximize space in the boat
  • Don’t do much swimming off the boat
  • Not looking for an outboard boat model made between 1990-2000 (Not many outboards were manufactured during this time)

Check out our outboards!


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